Content Marketing[Why Content Marketing Is Today’s Marketing as well as the Marketing of the Future?]

Published by: Albert Gibosse

Why content marketing is today’s marketing as well as the marketing of the future, as it is the marketing technique of consistently using the story-telling strategy to create and distribute valuable and relevant content, toward attracting and acquiring a well-defined and targeted audience, thereby, driving profitable customer action.

Moreover, it is utilized by businesses to attract attention and generate leads and increase online sales as well as expanding their customer base.

Thus, successful content marketing is aimed at creating positive associations to your brand – without the hassle of product marketing.

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The Difference Between Content and Content Marketing

Today’s consumers are quite savvy and opt out of the ad that they’d rather not see by installing ad-blocking software. Yes, that’s great news for consumers but terrible news for the traditional marketers who rely heavily on paid advertisements to spread their brand’s message.

Content provides a way to creatively continue marketing efforts without being blocked by the people you’re trying to reach. Good content is something consumers want to interact with, which makes it more effective and welcome on a foundational level.

Content marketing yields 10 times more site traffic than traditional marketing.

Personalized content promotes higher engagement rates

With personalized content promoting higher engagement rates and savvy customers’ insatiable thirst for valuable, informative material, Content marketers, who craft compelling, valuable, and more personalized content that gets to the heart of their readers, experience drastically more site growth than their competitors.

Through personalization, content marketing encourages customers to engage more personally with the company in question, thus introducing a positive recall loop that benefits both the customer and the company.

Granted savvy customers only spend a few seconds reading an article, high-quality, relevant content further encourages engagement, which, subsequently, produces higher levels of brand recognition that ultimately boosts sales and encourages ongoing engagement.

Increasing Conversions at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Because email is personalized, more targeted, and delivered directly into a customer’s inbox, it offers a broader reach, has proven to have a stronger and more effective impact, and yields more benefits. Statistics further revealed that email yields a whopping $38 in ROI for each dollar spent, and offers the broadest reach.

Content marketing’s top advantage includes the fact that it encourages diversification – the utilization of more different distribution channels, blog, infographics, new technologies, more content formats along with several different marketing platforms to push content through to consumers.

Content marketing has become such a profitable marketing method that major companies are allocating significant amount of resources to that end, and even go as far as formalizing the content manager’s position to manage their content strategy – content creation and distribution process, and around the globe are hiring people

Increased ROI

Although content marketing is more effective and costs significantly less(approximately 70%) than outbound or traditional marketing, it also generates more than three times as many [quality] leads

Content marketing does not only make it easier to communicate with consumers, but it also produces more sustainable value and makes it easier for brands and customers to connect with one another, while also driving higher conversion rates(six time higher) than traditional marketing.

Proof that Content Marketing is The Marketing of The Future

Content marketing is less expensive, more efficient, extremely compelling, highly customizable, and is suitable to virtually all businesses and all industries.

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