Published by: Albert Gibosse

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to impact our personal and professional lives, here are six immediate ways that we are currently benefiting from IoT:

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  1. Connectivity

From using our smartphone to send our vital signs to your physician, controlling our thermostat, turning up the volume on the TV, dimming the lights, checking who’s at the door, and beyond….

  1. Efficiency

Connectivity decreases the amount of time normally spent performing certain tasks. Voice assistants provide answers to your questions without you needing to pick up your phone or turn on your computer. They can even eliminate the need for many business meetings, as they can quickly provide important updates and information.

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  1. Convenience

Smart appliances have become more commonplace, especially at home. Smart refrigerators and smart shelves are a few examples of IoT devices that are making it easier for you to reorder items, requiring little more than an action or two signaling your consent.

  1. Wellnessinbound success funnel

Have your weighing scale record your weight and body composition, provide suggestions, and reward progress towards weight loss goals

  1. Conservation

IoT devices can monitor city conditions such as traffic, air quality, electric/water usage, and environmental factors. Doing so assist city planners as well as residents with coming up with solutions to current issues and conserve resources


  1. Personalization

Data gathered from your IoT devices makes analytics possible to learn your likes as well as dislikes towards tailoring services to your preferences.

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