Written by: Albert Gibosse

Inbound marketing is more than just a slogan or a trendy way to talk about marketing strategy. It’s a process and approach to driving growth and creating momentum in a modern, measurable, and scalable way. Organizations looking to increase their sales will find that inbound marketing is a great solution. Companies that follow the inbound process have been shown to be 4x more effective in driving revenue and hitting sales goals.



Inbound marketing focuses primarily on attracting traffic, converting traffic to leads, and nurturing leads to new sales and opportunities. The inbound marketing process includes a variety of moving parts and comprises ongoing strategy, research and analysis, creating and updating content, content promotion, reporting and optimization, email marketing, social media, ad campaigns and more.

As companies struggle to effectively get all of the pieces of the inbound machine moving, they should consider working with an inbound marketing consultant.

Top reasons to hire an inbound marketing consultant for results

There’s a lack of resources

Lots need to happen to get inbound marketing for organizations that don’t have the budget to hire a team to plan and execute. Hire a consultant or a partner to bring the necessary resources at a cost that’s reallyeconomical.

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You don’t understand mechanics

Although you may understand the principle: attract traffic, you must know how create the conditions for them to convert, be nurtured into customers, and become promoters.

Benefit from inbound marketing consultant experience

Inbound Marketing consultants have experience across diverse industries and have mastered different approaches to attract traffic, convert to leads, nurture into new opportunities, and provide continuous improvement: new ideas to test and get results.

Comprehensive planning

An inbound marketing consultant will look at the whole plan objectively and will be a big help, allowing you to focus on your core objective(s

Spread out the cost

With an inbound marketing consultant, instead of hiring a copywriter, SEO expert, social manager, and beyond…. you can leverage shared resources from the consultant that will also enable you to spread out the cost.


Learn as you go

It’s a great learning opportunity as well, as you can also choose to take on parts of the program yourself whenever you’re feel confident enough. A great number of consultants are willing to work with you at contract renewals, should you happen to have new resources that are up to speed on inbound mechanics.


Not only is inbound marketing an effective mechanism for driving growth, it less than other marketing models. If you’re struggling to get all the pieces of inbound moving, getting some help from a consultant might be a smart play. If you do consider hiring an inbound marketing consultant, please find detailed info on the hiring process here, including areas of expertise, costs, tips for success, and more.

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