• Avoid Putting Toxic Things Into Your Body

Many things We put in Our System are quite toxicchantal chery andrade associates real estate

Being healthy Entails refraining from putting disease-promoting substances into your body. The usual culprits are tobacco, alcohol, white sugar, processed foods and ingredients.


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  • Emphasize cleanliness and great hygiene ( body and mouth )

Body and mouth

  •  Move Around at least twelve times per day and find things (10 to 20lbs) to Lift  and fix/re-arrange

Using your muscles is extremely important for optimal health.

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  • Sleep Well and for At Least Five Hours Every Night

Make your bed comfortable with clean sheets and pillow cases. Avoid sleep deprivation. Sleep is very important for overall health and studies show that  correlates with many diseases, including obesity and heart disease.

  • Avoid Unnecessary and Excess Stress

Think positive, as the way you think is also very important. Don’t lament; find solution(s) to problems. Being stressed all the time is a recipe for disaster.

  • Eat Nutritious Foods

Eating healthy is best for your body and can keep pain(s) away.

By: Albert Gibosse


Six Great Early Morning Routines For Optimal Health

Drink one cup of organic green tea with lemon( black and Unsweetened is best )

Drink one cup of water at room temperature

Stretch out for ten to 20 minutes

Review your goals and set some new ones

Listen to some smoothing music and think of positive ideas or experiences

By: Albert Gibosse